Phil cardella


1701 Lakeside Avenue #1, Saint AugustineFL 32084, USA


We had a great visit from Rodney V. Chuck B. & Coley C. From Austin TX. Thanks for coming to train and hang out guys!  We have guests from all over the world come to visit our beautiful city and our world class training environment. Life is short & all about surrounding yourself with the kindest, most helpful people in life  you can find. 


Back on the 16th of April I was awarded my 3rd Degree by Grand Master Relson Gracie. After 1/2 a decade of teaching & training every week full time as a second degree, I received my 3rd Degree from Relson Gracie on my Black Belt. Thanks to all of you that helped me on this journey. More training and more living the Jiu-Jitsu life style to come. Jiu-Jitsu is a life long journey.  


My friend and training buddy is coming to town for a whole week & is bringing his family of 9! Robin is the Head Instructor of We will host him for some private lessons and a seminar. I will keep everyone posted on Facebook for Relson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu St. Augustine. It will all start September 24th. 


Locals had fun training and hanging out with a seasoned UFC fighter and reality TV star. Nate was personable, showed good technique, A few even had private lessons where they took away great knowledge, and spend time learning and training with someone they admire. Nate has a tough upcoming fight in the next UFC in Florida. He enjoyed getting to teach & roll at our academy as well as check out our old city.


One of the reasons I moved from Texas to Florida was to live near the ocean again. Here are some of the catches other people caught & I held for pictures! Eating healthy, living off the waters and land organically is an amazing way to stay healthy. I am thankful for this opportunity and learned skill. I enjoy helping others on this mission as well. I spear fish, fish, net & gig. In shore, off shore & sometimes even fresh water.